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Innovative Plasma
Systems Design

Innovative Plasma
Systems Design

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Europlasma industries

Innovative plasma systems design

Europlasma Industries develops, constructs and operates very high temperature industrial processes using its own proprietary tool: the plasma torch.


Plasma solutions for hazardous waste

Our plasma technology can treat a wide range of types of waste such as toxic ash, asbestos, sanding dust, contaminated soil, etc ...

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Plasma solutions for gases

The plasma technology allows to clean up exhaust gas or to optimize thermal processes.

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Provision of a test platform

Europlasma Industries has a platform trials of 4000 m² in France (Bordeaux area) for the development and industrialization of its products and processes.

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Number of shares and voting rights as at 31/08/2017 - Sep 11, 2017

Europlasma déclare le nombre total de droits de vote et d'actions composant le capital social au 31 août. [Lire le communiqué]